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 The development of an efficient rat hepatic cirrhosis model 
 최봉희  ;  최새별  ;  김병로  ;  조장환  ;  김경식  ;  이지연  ;  조진아 
 Korean Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery (한국간담췌외과학회지), Vol.11(2) : 46-52, 2007 
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 Korean Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery (한국간담췌외과학회지) 
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Introduction: Applying clinical conditions to on experimental animals forto verifverifyingy themechanism of disease and drug effects is crucial. Cirrhotic livers induced by Hepatitis B virus arefrequent, and eEspecially in Korea where a great deal of more liver-related diseases occurs,cirrhotic livers induced by Hepatitis B virus are frequent, and, such viral-induced cirrhosis, andthis often impedes other medical treatments. Therefore, creating a proper elucidating properlyderiveding cirrhosis method in animal model to simulate the actual pathophysiology of cirrhosiscan benefit future researches.Aims: We wanted toTe testing various hypotheticalsized methods of inducing cirrhosis in animalmodels, and we wanted the model to have a with higher rate of reproducibility.Method: To induce cirrhotic liver, thioacetamide (Sigma, St. Louis, USA) wasis given eitherfreely via oral intaken or it wasand injected into the peritoneal space ofn Sprague-Dawley(SD)rats. The SD rats wereare divided into four groups: the oOral intake gGroup 1 ((N=10, 0.03%, 13weeks), the oOral intake gGroup 2 (N=20, 0.04%, 30 weeks), the iIntraperitoneal InjectedgGroup 1 (N=10, 300mg/kg, 12 weeks (3 times per week for first 2 weeks, 2 times per week fornext 10 weeks) and the iIntraperitoneal Injected gGroup 2 (N=20, 300mg/kg, 2 times per weekfor 16 weeks). The mMortality rate of the tested subjects is recorded, and a visual test of thelivers is performed at the end of the experiment, a visual test of the livers is performed. Also, theextracted liver cells that were dyed with Trichrome are compared to evaluate the extent of theliver cirrhosis.Result: For theIn oral intake group 1, no loss of occurred until wWeek 13, and 5 of the SD rats(50%) showed signs of liver cirrhosis by the Trichrome dye test. However, the extent of cirrhosisgreatly differed betweenfrom each of the subjects. ForIn the oral intakae group 2, no lossoccurred until wWeek 30. 20 of the SD rat (100%) in this group possessed a cirrhotic liver.However, the weight of the cirrhoscirrhotic liversis differed from a minimum of 231g to amaximum of 770g. For theIn Injected gGroup 1, 4 tested subjects (40%) died between wWeeks3 and 4; however, the rest of them survived and they all revealed a signs of cirrhosis. ForIn theiInjected gGroup 2, only 3 tested subjects (15%) died, and after wWeek 16, 17 survivors (100%)showed a signs of cirrhosis.Conclusion: The short-term oral administration of thioacetamide only induced a minimalamount of cirrhosis;, thus, a longer period of consumption is suggested. Injection ofthioacetamide into the peritoneum resulted in higher death rate when thoacetamide wasisinjected frequently. Therefore, selecting a proper method to create a cirrhotic liver, withconsidering the reproducibility, on cirrhotic liver, the survival rate of the experimental animals,and the length of the experiment, isare strongly suggested for creating an animal model ofcirrhotic liverfor further experiments.
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