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 Cortical Information Transmisson during Tic Suppression in Boys with Tourette's Disorder 
 차민호  ;  홍현주  ;  정재승  ;  남궁기  ;  주민경  ;  소유경  ;  황선희  ;  최강 
 Journal of the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association (신경정신의학), Vol.46(1) : 71-78, 2007 
Journal Title
 Journal of the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association (신경정신의학) 
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Tourette’s Disorder ; Tic Suppression ; EEG ; Transfer Entropy ; Nonlinear analysis
Objectives: Tourette's Disorder (TD) is a chronic neuropsychiatry disorder characterized by multiple motor and vocal tics with onset in childhood. The aim of this study was to ascertain the increased cortical information transmission in frontal area during tic suppression in drug naive boys with TD using new nonlinear analysis of EEGs, be called Transfer Entropy (TE)which can detect the directed exchange of information between two systems. Methods: Subjects were 11 drug naive boys with DSM-lV diagnosis of TD and 10 control boys. Clinical assessments were performed, and EEGs were recorded from 19 scalp loci of the international 10-20 systems. TE was estimated by EEG time-series data after noise reduction. TE difference between TD and control during resting state and between tic suppression and resting state in TD were investigated. Results : Elevated If was found in extensive channels, including frontal, central and temporal channels (F7, Fz, F8, Cz, C3, P3,T3, and T4) in resting state of Tourette's disorder compared to normal controls. During tic suppression elevated TE was found in more extensive and asymmetrical channels especially prefrontal area (Fpl, Fp2, F3, Fz, F7, F8, Cz, C4, C5, T3, and T4). Conclusion These findings suggest that pathogenesis of Tourette's disorder involve impaired cortical neuronal modulation in sub cortical neural circuits. EEG analysis of TE may be a useful tool to investigation of cortical mechanism of psychiatric illness.
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