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남성 척수손상인에서 슈도에페드린 복용이 정액의 질에 미치는 효과

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 Improvement of Sperm Quality by Pseudoephedrine in Spinal Cord Injured Males 
 조성래  ;  김덕용  ;  민경훈  ;  박진희  ;  박지웅  ;  김용욱  ;  신지철  ;  박창일 
 Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (대한재활의학회지), Vol.31(2) : 182-187, 2007 
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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine(대한재활의학회지)
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Spinal cord injury ; Adrenergic agonist ; Electro-ejaculation ; Semen analysis
Objective: To investigate the changes of sperm quality by taking adrenergic agonist in spinal cord injured (SCI) males treated by repeated electro-ejaculation. Method: Twenty-six SCI males were induced three times to ejaculate with rectal probe electrical stimulation, and then semen analysis for their antegrade and retrograde ejaculates was performed, at weekly interval, while they either took pseudoephedrine (SudafedⰒ) for 2 weeks or no medication as a control. Results: Before pseudoephedrine medication, there was no significant difference in sperm quality between two groups. However, after 2 weeks' medication, SCI males taking pse-udoephedrine showed increased semen concentration, motile sperm count and sperm motility of the antegrade ejaculates compared to control group, although there was no difference in any parameter of the retrograde ejaculates. Moreover, sperm motility of the antegrade ejaculates significantly improved after 2 weeks' medication compared with those at the baseline. Conclusion: Pseudoephedrine, a sympathomimetic adrenergic agonist, may potentiate the improvement of sperm quality in SCI males undergoing repeated electro-ejaculation for short periods.
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