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정서가 및 각성수준에 대한 자가 평가 마네킹 척도개발 및 표준화

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 Development and Standardization of Modified Self-Assessment Manikin for Emotional Valence and Arousal Manikin 
 강은호  ;  최정은  ;  함병주  ;  석정호  ;  이경욱  ;  김 원  ;  이승환  ;  임현국  ;  박영민  ;  양종철  ;  안미경  ;  이재선  ;  채정호 
 Anxiety and Mood (대한불안의학회지), Vol.7(2) : 113-118, 2011 
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Anxiety and Mood(대한불안의학회지)
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Emotional valence and arousal manikin ; Self-assessment manikin ; Emotion.
Objectives : The Self-Assessment Manikin (SAM) developed by Bradley and Lang is a non-verbal pictorial assessment tool that measures human emotion and has been widely used. However, the pictures in SAM have not been easy for Korean subjects to understand or relate to. The authors developed a new manikin (Emotional Valence and Arousal Manikin, EVAS) modeling it after Korean faces while modifying and standardizing the SAM. Methods : Forty-one healthy subjects participated in this study. They were asked to rate the emotional valence and level of arousal using both the SAM and EVAS after being exposed to pictures of facial expressions for affective neurosciences-Korean version. The internal consistency of the EVAS and the correlation between EVAS and SAM were examined. Resuts : Internal consistencies of the valence using the EVAS were from 0.63 (surprise) to 0.82 (happiness) and those of the arousal were from 0.90 to 0.95. Correlation coefficients of the valence and arousal between the SAM and EVAS were from 0.61 (both surprise and disgust) to 0.84 (neutral) and from 0.82 (sadness) to 0.94 (fear), respectively. Conclusions : We developed a new manikin (the EVAS) for the Korean population modifying and standardizing the SAM. The EVAS demonstrated a good internal consistency and validity. As such, it can be used in the field of human emotion research
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