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Antiangiogenic antitumor activities of IGFBP-3 are mediated by IGF-independent suppression of Erk1/2 activation and Egr-1-mediated transcriptional events

 Jai-Hyun Kim ; Dong Soon Choi ; Ho-Young Lee ; Scott M. Lippman ; Seung-Hyun Oh ; Ok-Hee Lee 
 Blood, Vol.118(9) : 2622~2631, 2011 
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Most antiangiogenic therapies currently being evaluated in clinical trials target the vascular endothelial growth factor pathway; however, the tumor vasculature can acquire resistance to vascular endothelial growth factor-targeted therapy by shifting to other angiogenesis mechanisms. Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3) has been reported to suppress tumor growth and angiogenesis by both IGF-dependent and IGF-independent mechanisms; however, understanding of its IGF-independent mechanisms is limited. We observed that IGFBP-3 blocked tumor angiogenesis and growth in non-small cell lung cancer and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Conditioned media from an IGFBP-3-treated non-small cell lung cancer cell line displayed a significantly decreased capacity to induce HUVEC proliferation and aortic sprouting. In cancer cells, IGFBP-3 directly interacted with Erk1/2, leading to inactivation of Erk1/2 and Elk-1, and suppressed transcription of early growth response protein 1 and its target genes, basic fibroblast growth factor and platelet-derived growth factor. These data suggest that IGF-independent Erk1/2 inactivation and decreased IGFBP-3-induced Egr-1 expression block the autocrine and paracrine loops of angiogenic factors in vascular endothelial and cancer cells. Together, these findings provide a molecular framework of IGFBP-3's IGF-independent antiangiogenic antitumor activities. Future studies are needed for development of IGFBP-3 as a new line of antiangiogengic cancer drug.
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