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조영 전후의 폐 CT 영상 정합을 위한 특징 기반의 비강체 정합 기법

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 Feature-based Non-rigid Registration between Pre- and Post-Contrast Lung CT Images 
 이현준  ;  홍영택  ;  심학준  ;  권동진  ;  윤일동  ;  이상욱  ;  김남국  ;  서준범 
 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research (의공학회지), Vol.32(3) : 237-244, 2011 
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 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research (의공학회지) 
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non-rigid registration ; lung CT ; free-form deformation(FFD) ; 3-D feature detection ; scale invariant feature transform(SIFT) ; energy minimization
In this paper, a feature-based registration technique is proposed for pre-contrast and post-contrast lung CT images. It utilizes three dimensional(3-D) features with their descriptors and estimates feature correspondences by nearest neighborhood matching in the feature space. We design a transformation model between the input image pairs using a free form deformation(FFD) which is based on B-splines. Registration is achieved by minimizing an energy function incorporating the smoothness of FFD and the correspondence information through a non-linear gradient conjugate method. To deal with outliers in feature matching, our energy model integrates a robust estimator which discards outliers effectively by iteratively reducing a radius of confidence in the minimization process. Performance evaluation was carried out in terms of accuracy and efficiency using seven pairs of lung CT images of clinical practice. For a quantitative assessment, a radiologist specialized in thorax manually placed landmarks on each CT image pair. In comparative evaluation to a conventional feature-based registration method, our algorithm showed improved performances in both accuracy and efficiency
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