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 Design and Implementation of Multiple Control Server for Telemedicine Service 
 김도윤 ; 유선국 ; 김남현 
 전자공학회논문지 - SC, Vol.49/SC(1) : 39~46, 2012 
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 전자공학회논문지 - SC 
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We can adapt telemedicine systems in advancement of information technology capabilities and increase of network bandwidth. The telemedicine service can be applied to a public health center, a school, a prison and islands in lacks of medical equipments and medical staffs. The telemedicine services which can be provided high quality medical services. We designed the multiple control server system consisting 3 sub-function, patients and doctors name list, network types, connection states and computer equipments. The telemedicine link configuration was decided as ‘Flowing’, or ‘By-passing’ in accordance the network type and bandwidth of patient systems or doctor systems. The multiple control server system was performed the best communication configuration over heterogeneous networks. This system was achieved high quality telemedicine services through dynamic wired and wireless networks at any time. This study represented a hybrid multimedia telemedicine system over heterogeneous networks. We expected that the designed system could provide not only the high quality services, tele-diagnosis and tele-consultation, but also the effective emergency telemedicine services to multi-patients in the heterogeneous network environments.
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