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압전 필름과 전도성 섬유를 이용한 맥파 전달 속도 측정을 위한 센서의 제작 및 성능평가

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 Fabrication and Evaluation of Sensor for Measuring Pulse Wave Velocity using Piezo Film and Conductive Textile 
 김정채 ; 지선하 ; 유선국 
 센서학회지, Vol.21(2) : 135~143, 2012 
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Arterial stiffness is causing the serious problems for human who is suffered from hypertension and metabolic syndrome. So it is important that measure the arterial stiffness for early prevention. Many researches point out that pulse wave velocity(PWV) is the reliable and simple method to predict arterial stiffness. In this paper, we developed the sensing parts that detect the pulse wave and ECG by using piezoelectric film and conductive textile with elastic band. Our system could detect 3ch pulse wave and ECG. Simultaneously, our algorithm extracts the features for calculating the delays among pulse waves. The delays are the significant parameter to estimate PWV, thus we design the experiment for evaluating the performance of our sensing parts. The reference is PP-1000(HanByul Meditech, Korea) that is good for performance evaluation. As a result, the start point of the pulse wave was the most reliable feature for comparing with PP-1000(r=0.691, P=0.00). The results between two operators showed that there is only a slight difference in the reproducibility of the devices. In conclusion, we assume that the suggested sensor could be more comfortable and faithful method for arterial stiffness.
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