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Genome-wide association analyses in east Asians identify new susceptibility loci for colorectal cancer

 Wei-Hua Jia ; Ben Zhang ; Wei Zheng ; Yi-Xin Zeng ; Xiao-Ou Shu ; Ulrike Peters ; Graham Casey ; Satoyo Hosono ; Jin-Young Jeong ; Jaeseong Jo ; Ji Won Park ; Hong-Lan Li ; Eun Jung Park ; Yoon-Ok Ahn ; Jae Hwan Oh ; Yu-Tang Gao ; Fumihiko Matsuda ; Zhi-Zhong Pan ; Bu-Tian Ji ; Colon Cancer Family Registry (CCFR) ; Genetics and Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer Consortium (GECCO) ; Ryan J Delahanty ; Gong Yang ; Wanqing Wen ; Jiajun Shi ; Jirong Long ; Qiuyin Cai ; Zefang Ren ; Dong-Hyun Kim ; Sun Ha Jee ; Yong-Bing Xiang ; Keitaro Matsuo ; Aesun Shin 
 Nature Genetics, Vol.45(2) : 191~196, 2013 
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 Nature Genetics 
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To identify new genetic factors for colorectal cancer (CRC), we conducted a genome-wide association study in east Asians. By analyzing genome-wide data in 2,098 cases and 5,749 controls, we selected 64 promising SNPs for replication in an independent set of samples, including up to 5,358 cases and 5,922 controls. We identified four SNPs with association P values of 8.58 × 10(-7) to 3.77 × 10(-10) in the combined analysis of all east Asian samples. Three of the four were replicated in a study conducted in 26,060 individuals of European descent, with combined P values of 1.22 × 10(-10) for rs647161 (5q31.1), 6.64 × 10(-9) for rs2423279 (20p12.3) and 3.06 × 10(-8) for rs10774214 (12p13.32 near the CCND2 gene), derived from meta-analysis of data from both east Asian and European-ancestry populations. This study identified three new CRC susceptibility loci and provides additional insight into the genetics and biology of CRC.
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