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Characterization of Hum j 6, a Major Allergen From Humulus japonicus Pollen, the Primary Cause of Weed Pollinosis in East Asia

 Kyoung Yong Jeong  ;  Minkyu Sang  ;  Yong Seok Lee  ;  Gabriele Gadermaier  ;  Fatima Ferreira  ;  Jung-Won Park 
 ALLERGY ASTHMA & IMMUNOLOGY RESEARCH, Vol.15(6) : 767-778, 2023-11 
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Pollinosis ; allergens ; diagnosis ; glycosylation ; immunotherapy ; phosphorylation
Purpose: Humulus japonicus (HJ) is one of the most important causes of weed pollinosis in East Asia. The 10 kDa protein with pI 10 in 2-dimensional gel has been recognized as the representative major allergen of HJ, but its major allergens have not been characterized. This study aimed to characterize the major allergen of HJ.

Methods: A major allergen in Japanese hop was detected by proteome analysis; it was purified to homogeneity and its sequence was obtained by transcriptome analysis. The recombinant proteins were produced in Escherichia coli and Pichia expression systems, and their immunoglobulin E (IgE) reactivities were compared to those of the natural counterpart. We also analyzed post-translational modifications such as glycosylation and phosphorylation.

Results: Pectin methylesterase inhibitor, Hum j 6, was found to be the major allergen of HJ, and in silico signal peptide prediction corresponds to a 15.1 kDa protein with a theoretical pI of 8.28. Natural Hum j 6 was recognized by IgE antibodies from 86.4% (19/22) of HJ pollinosis patients, whereas the recombinant proteins did not show strong IgE reactivity. No glycosylation was detected, while at least 15 phosphorylated amino acids, possibly causing the pI and molecular weight shift, were detected by tandem mass spectrometry analysis.

Conclusions: Hum j 6 was identified as the representative major allergen of HJ and seems to be modified significantly after translation. These findings are useful for the development of component-resolved diagnosis and immunotherapy.
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