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목맴 사망의 사건 현장에서 끈자국 측정을 위한 해부학적 연구

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 Anatomical Study for Measurement of Ligature Marks at the Scene of Hanging Death 
 허경석  ;  이근태 
 Anatomy & Biological Anthropology(해부·생물인류학), Vol.35(1) : 1-8, 2022-03 
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Anatomy & Biological Anthropology(해부·생물인류학)
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Hanging death ; Ligature mark ; Anthropometric points ; Forensic medicine
The hanging death is the most frequently used method by suicide attempters. In particular, the ligature marks on the victim’s neck in hanging deaths are important evidence of asphyxia due to compression of the neck (strangulation). Moreover, it can be an important piece of evidence that can differentiate the manner of death (suicide, homicide, and homicide disguised as a suicide). Therefore, the analysis and interpretation of ligature marks should ensure consistency and reliability as evidence in criminal investigations. However, in the past, when police officers demonstrating the patterns of ligature mark in cases of compressed neck, the standards and principles were not sufficient to make a valid decision in terms of anatomical measurement points, measurement methods, and measurement tools. Consequently, not only various errors may unconsciously occur in the meticulous examination of the ligature marks, but also as evidence, consistency and reliability may not be guaranteed. The aim of this study is to propose the new measurement method of ligature marks in case of death by hanging. A total of 18 cases in 2018 were analyzed (excluding 10 cases due to decomposition of the body) among 28 hanging deaths occurred in north area in Seoul. The classification and analysis of suicide by hanging were conducted in order to diagnose ligature mark of hanging, using the traditional (A) and new (G) measurement methods. The new measurement method was measured the four items (G1~G3) based on labrale inferius, otobasion inferius, and external occipital protuberance. When comparing the average difference between the new and traditional measurement methods, G1- A1 was observed as 3.9 cm, G2L-A2L as 0.6 cm, and G2R-A2R as 0.6 cm. Investigation of the first death scene as well as the medicolegal death investigation of the deceased are of utmost importance in resolving the criminal case. In the case of hanging death, the new measurement method for diagnosing ligature mark in the field of investigation can yield the same results without any differences between individuals. Also, this method can provide consistency and reliability as evidence during crime scene investigation.
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