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Novel Osteogenic and Easily Handled Endodontic Calcium Silicate Cement Using Pluronic F127 Hydrogel

 Jeong-Hyun Ryu  ;  Jiyeon Roh  ;  Utkarsh Mangal  ;  Kwang-Mahn Kim  ;  Sung-Hwan Choi  ;  Jae-Sung Kwon 
 MATERIALS, Vol.15(19) : 6919, 2022-10 
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calcium silicate cement ; endodontic filler ; osteogenic property ; pluronic F127 hydrogel
Calcium silicate cement (CSC) is widely used as an endodontic material in clinical applications such as direct pulp capping, pulpotomy, or root canal. CSC has good biocompatibility, sealing properties, and the ability to enhance hard tissue regeneration. However, the disadvantage of CSC is the difficulty in handling when placing it into endodontic tissue due to the long setting time. Several attempts have been made to improve handling of CSC; however, these methods were limited by osteogenic properties. To overcome such a disadvantage, this study investigated the use of Pluronic F127 (F127) for the development easy-to-handle novel endodontic CSCs with osteogenic properties. In this case, different concentrations of F127 (5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40%) were implemented to generate CSC specimens H5, H10, H20, H30, and H40, respectively. Calcium ion was continuously released for 28 days. In addition, each group resulted in apatite formation for 28 days corresponding to calcium ion release. The concentration of F127 showed opposite relationships with water solubility and compressive strength. The H20 group showed a high level of osteogenic activity compared to other groups at 14 days. Mineralization of the H20 group was higher than that of the other groups. This study indicates that the novel F127-based hydrogel with CSC can potentially be used as endodontic filler.
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