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Augmentation of soft tissue volume at pontic sites: a comparison between a cross-linked and a non-cross-linked collagen matrix

 Nadja Naenni  ;  Prisca Walter  ;  Christoph H F Hämmerle  ;  Ronald E Jung  ;  Daniel S Thoma 
 CLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS, Vol.25(3) : 1535-1545, 2021-03 
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Alveolar Ridge Augmentation* ; Animals ; Collagen ; Connective Tissue* / transplantation ; Dental Arch ; Denture, Partial, Fixed ; Dogs ; Tooth Root
Collagen matrix ; Dental implants ; Grafting ; Soft tissue ; Soft tissue augmentation
Aim: To assess histopathological and histomorphometric outcomes of soft tissue volume augmentation procedures at pontic sites using a volume-stable cross-linked collagen matrix (VCMX) and a non-cross-linked collagen matrix (XCM).

Materials and methods: In twelve adult beagle dogs, the mandibular premolars and first molar were hemisected and the mesial root extracted. Soft tissue augmentation was randomly performed using VCMX, XCM, or a sham-operated control. Sacrifice was performed after 4, 8, and 26 weeks. Non-decalcified sections were analyzed for histopathologic and histomorphometric measurements at four different levels below the crest (1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and 5.5 mm).

Results: Group VCMX presented a greater overall amount of soft tissue at all healing time points, more pronounced fibroblast ingrowth, vascularization, and a substantial new collagen deposition. Over time, group XCM demonstrated faster signs of degradation compared with group VCMX. Four weeks after augmentation, group VCMX yielded a higher mean ridge width compared with groups XCM (2.22 mm VCMX, 0.89 mm XCM (at 2.5 mm); 2.05 mm VCMX, 0.80 mm XCM (at 3.5 mm) p < 0.05) and sham (0.59 mm sham (at 1.5 mm); 0.48 mm (at 2.5 mm); 0.44 mm (at 3.5 mm) p < 0.05). After healing periods of 8 and 26 weeks, measurements in group VCMX remained significantly higher compared with group sham both at 8 weeks (levels of 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm and 5.5 mm) and at 26 weeks (levels of 1.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 5.5 mm) (p < 0.05).

Conclusion: The use of a cross-linked collagen matrix resulted in a greater and more stable ridge width over time compared with control groups.

Clinical relevance: Soft tissue volume augmentation at pontic sites is more effective when using a cross-linked compared with a non-cross-linked collagen matrix.
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