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Risk Factors of Microscopically Tumor-Free Surgical Margins for Recurrence and Survival of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients

 Meiling Pei  ;  Dawool Han  ;  Ki-Yeol Kim  ;  Dong Wook Kim  ;  Woong Nam  ;  Hyung Jun Kim  ;  Eunae Sandra Cho  ;  Hyun Sil Kim  ;  In-Ho Cha  ;  Xianglan Zhang 
 FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY, Vol.12 : 930988, 2022-07 
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OSCC ; axin2 ; molecular markers ; prognosis ; recurrence ; risk assessment ; snail ; surgical margin
Objectives: The concept of adequate surgical margins remains controversial in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) surgery. This study aimed to identify surgical margin-related indicators that might impact recurrence and survival of OSCC patients.

Materials and methods: Histopathological examination was performed using hematoxylin-eosin-stained surgical margin tissue sections in 235 OSCC patients. Axin2 and Snail expression at the surgical margin was detected by immunohistochemistry. The impact of the Axin2-Snail cascade on tumorigenesis of the immortalized human oral keratinocyte (IHOK) line was investigated in vivo.

Results: The width and dysplasia of surgical margins were not significantly associated with the outcome of OSCC patients. In a multivariate analysis using variable clinicopathologic factors and with Axin2 and Snail expression as cofactors, higher age (hazard ratio [HR]:1.050; P=0.047), Axin2 (HR:6.883; P=0.014), and Snail abundance (HR:5.663; P=0.009) had independent impacts on worsened overall survival. Similarly, lesion site in retromolar trigone (HR:4.077; P=0.010), upper (HR:4.332; P=0.005) and lower gingiva (HR:3.545; P=0.012), presence of extranodal extension (HR:9.967; P<0.001), perineural invasion (HR:3.627; P=0.024), and Snail abundance (HR:3.587; P<0.001) had independent impacts on worsened recurrence-free survival. Furthermore, Axin2 knockdown induced decreased Snail expression and attenuated tumorigenesis in the IHOK line.

Conclusion: Histopathological examination of surgical margins may not be reliable to predict OSCC patient outcome. Molecular analysis may provide a more accurate risk assessment of surgical margins in OSCC. In particular, Axin2 and Snail are potential predictive biomarkers for the risk assessment of surgical margins in OSCC.
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