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외상 후 스트레스 장애에 대한 옥시토신의 역할: 체계적 문헌 고찰

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 Role of Oxytocin in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: A Systematic Review 
 오재욱  ;  김민수  ;  추상희 
 Journal of Korean Biological Nursing Science, Vol.24(1) : 1-16, 2022-02 
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Journal of Korean Biological Nursing Science
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Oxytocin ; Administration ; Intranasal ; Stress Disorders ; Post-Traumatic
Purpose: Recently, oxytocin has been introduced experimentally as a pharmacological treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder
(PTSD). This study attempted to investigate the possibility of oxytocin as a treatment option for patients with PTSD by examining its
dose, interval, and effectiveness in patients with PTSD. Methods: A systematic review was done on articles published from 1967 to
2020 using the PubMed, PsycINFO, and Cochrane databases. Our inclusion criteria were 1) subjects 18 years of age or older diagnosed
with PTSD or exposed to a traumatic event that met criterion A of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) for
PTSD, 2) oxytocin was administered at least once, 3) clinical trials, and 4) studies published in Korean or English. Two independent re searchers reviewed 22 articles and recorded the contents. The risk of bias was evaluated to determine the quality of the reviewed arti cle. Results: The parameters for evaluating the effectiveness of oxytocin were identified as socio-behavioral measures in 11 articles,
neuronal imaging in 9, and biomarkers in 4. In 5 papers, oxytocin was administered multiple times. Socio-behavioral measures were
improved in 3 out of 5 studies in which oxytocin was administered multiple times. In 2 studies in which prolonged exposure treat ment and nasal oxytocin administration were combined for 10 weeks, patient symptoms were decreased compared to the control
group. Conclusion: The possibility of oxytocin as an adjuvant treatment for PTSD psychotherapy was confirmed. Further studies are
necessary to evaluate the long term effectiveness of administering oxytocin multiple times combined with psychotherapy
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