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Identification of the interactions between specific genetic polymorphisms and nutrient intake associated with general and abdominal obesity in middle-aged adults

 Yu-Jin Kwon  ;  Da Hyun Park  ;  Ja-Eun Choi  ;  Dasom Lee  ;  Kyung-Won Hong  ;  Ji-Won Lee 
 CLINICAL NUTRITION, Vol.41(2) : 543-551, 2022-02 
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Abdominal obesity ; Nutrients ; Obesity ; Single nucleotide polymorphism
Background & aims: Comprehensive understanding of gene-diet interactions is necessary to establish proper dietary guidelines to prevent and manage general and abdominal obesity. We investigated the role of genetic variants and their interactions with general and abdominal obesity-associated nutrients using a largescale genome-wide association study of Korean adults.

Methods: A total of 50,808 participants from a Korean genome and epidemiology study were included. Dietary intake was assessed using a food frequency questionnaire. Obesity was defined as a body mass index ≥25 kg/m2. Abdominal obesity (AO) was defined as waist circumference ≥90 cm and 80 cm in males and females, respectively. Dietary nutrient intake was classified based on Korean Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs). Odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals were calculated after adjusting for age, sex, exercise, smoking, alcohol drinking, total energy consumption, PC1, and PC2.

Results: Among the individuals consuming fat (%) above DRI, carriers of Ca binding protein 39 (CAB39)- rs6722579 minor allele (A) have a higher risk of AO than those not carrying the SNP (odds ration [OR] = 3.73, p-value = 2.05e-07; interaction p-value = 1.80e-07). Among the individuals consuming vitamin C above DRI, carriers of carboxypeptidase Q (CPQ)- rs59465035 minor allele (T) have a lower risk of AO than those without that SNP (OR = 0.89, p-value = 1.44e-08; interaction p-value = 9.50e-06). The genetic association with obesity was stronger among individuals with a genetic variant rs4130113 near GHR gene region in those consume folate above DRI and with a genetic variant rs5760920 near CRYBB2 gene region in those consume vitamin B2 above DRI.

Conclusion: Our study results suggested that interactions of specific polymorphisms at loci and certain nutrients may influence obesity and abdominal obesity.
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