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Early Diagnostic Ability of Human Complement Factor B in Pancreatic Cancer Is Partly Linked to Its Potential Tumor-Promoting Role

 Min Jung Lee  ;  Keun Na  ;  Heon Shin  ;  Chae-Yeon Kim  ;  Jin-Young Cho  ;  Chang Moo Kang  ;  Sung Hyun Kim  ;  Hoguen Kim  ;  Hye Jin Choi  ;  Choong-Kun Lee  ;  Sumi Bae  ;  Sunghwa Son  ;  Young-Ki Paik 
 JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, Vol.20(12) : 5315-5328, 2021-12 
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CA-19-9 ; ComB-CAN ; PDAC ; complement factor B ; early detection ; pancreatic cancer ; tumor promotion
Although plasma complement factor B (CFB, NX_P00751), both alone and in combination with CA19-9 (i.e., the ComB-CAN), previously exhibited a reliable diagnostic ability for pancreatic cancer (PC), its detectability of the early stages and the cancer detection mechanism remained elusive. We first evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of ComB-CAN using plasma samples from healthy donors (HDs), patients with chronic pancreatitis (CP), and patients with different PC stages (I/II vs III/IV). An analysis of the area under the curve (AUC) by PanelComposer using logistic regression revealed that ComB-CAN has a superior diagnostic ability for early-stage PC (97.1.% [95% confidence interval (CI): (97.1-97.2)]) compared with CFB (94.3% [95% CI: 94.2-94.4]) or CA19-9 alone (34.3% [95% CI: 34.1-34.4]). In the comparisons of all stages of patients with PC vs CP and HDs, the AUC values of ComB-CAN, CFB, and CA19-9 were 0.983 (95% CI: 0.983-0.983), 0.950 (95% CI: 0.950-0.951), and 0.873 (95% CI: 0.873-0.874), respectively. We then investigated the molecular mechanism underlying the detection of early-stage PC by using stable cell lines of CFB knockdown and CFB overexpression. A global transcriptomic analysis coupled to cell invasion assays of both CFB-modulated cell lines suggested that CFB plays a tumor-promoting role in PC, which likely initiates the PI3K-AKT cancer signaling pathway. Thus our study establishes ComB-CAN as a reliable early diagnostic marker for PC that can be clinically applied for early PC screening in the general public.
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