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A study on multiple imputation modeling for Korean EAPS

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 경제활동인구조사 자료를 위한 다중대체 방식 연구 
 Min-Jeong Parka  ;  Yoonjong Baeb  ;  Joungyoun Kim 
 Korean Journal of Applied Statistics (응용통계연구), Vol.34(5) : 685-696, 2021-11 
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Korean Journal of Applied Statistics(응용통계연구)
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economically active population survey ; imputation ; multivariate imputation by chained equations (MICE) ; structural non-response ; data linkage
The Korean Economically Active Population Survey (KEAPS) is a national survey that produces employment related statistics. The main purpose of the survey is to find out the economic activity status (employed/ unem ployed/ non-employed) of the people. KEAPS has a unique characteristics caused by the survey method. In this
study, through understanding of structural non-response and utilization of past data, we would like to present
an improved imputation model. The performance of the proposed model is compared with the existing model
through simulation. The performance of the imputation models is evaluated based on the degree of mathing/non matching rates. For this, we employ the KEAPS data in November 2019. For the randomly selected ones among
the total 59,996 respondents, the six explanatory variables, which are critical in determining the economic activ ity states, are treated as non-response. The proposed model includes industry variable and job status variable in
addition to the explanatory variables used in the precedent research. This is based on the linkage and utilization of
past data. The simulation results confirm that the proposed model with additional variables outperforms the exist ing model in the precedent research. In addition, we consider various scenarios for the number of non-responders
by the economic activity status.
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