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Tissue-specific biomarkers in gingival crevicular fluid are correlated with external root resorption caused by constant mechanical load: an in vivo study

 Gui-Yue Huang  ;  Sung-Hwan Choi  ;  Hwi-Dong Jung  ;  Hyun Sil Kim  ;  Chung-Ju Hwang  ;  Kee-Joon Lee 
 CLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS, Vol.25(11) : 6321-6333, 2021-11 
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Adult ; Bicuspid ; Biomarkers / analysis ; Female ; Gingival Crevicular Fluid / chemistry ; Humans ; Male ; Root Resorption* ; Tooth Movement Techniques ; Young Adult
CEMP-1 ; CTX-I ; DPP ; External root resorption ; GCF
Objectives: This study investigated the association of changes in cementum protein-1 (CEMP-1), dentine phosphoprotein (DPP), and c-terminal cross-linked telopeptide of type I collagen (CTX-I) levels in human gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) under constant load with external root resorption volume and amount of tooth movement.

Materials and methods: In total, 11 healthy adult patients (mean age, 23.5 years [range, 18.3-37.7]; four men and seven women) were enrolled. GCF samples were obtained from premolars at T0, T1 (1 day), T2 (1 week), T3 (2 weeks), T4 (4 weeks), and T5 (8 weeks) under constant 100-gm buccal tipping force. Opposite premolars were used as controls. Teeth were extracted at T5, followed by quantification of external root resorption volume and histological analysis.

Results: In the test group, T5/T0 ratios of CEMP-1 and DPP levels, differential CEMP-1 levels between T5 and T0, and differential DPP levels between T2 and T0 correlated positively with root resorption volume (r = 0.734, 0.730, 0.627, and 0.612, respectively, all p < 0.05). CEMP-1 levels at T0 and T3 correlated negatively with root resorption volume (r = -0.603 and -0.706; all p < 0.05). CTX-I levels at T5 correlated positively with the amount of tooth movement (r = 0.848, p < 0.01).

Conclusions: Alterations in CEMP-1 and DPP levels in human GCF at specific timepoints during orthodontic treatment may be associated with different degrees of external root resorption.

Clinical relevance: This study demonstrates that changes in the levels of tissue-specific biomarkers in GCF may facilitate early detection of external root resorption during orthodontic tooth movement.
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