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펨토초레이저 백내장수술 후 건성안에 대한 0.15% 무보존제 히알루론산나트륨의 임상적 효과

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 Effect of 0.15% Preservative-free Sodium Hyaluronate on Dry Eye Disease after Femtosecond Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery 
 김태환  ;  정병훈  ;  김강윤  ;  전익현  ;  서경률  ;  김응권  ;  김태임 
 JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN OPHTHALMOLOGICAL SOCIETY(대한안과학회지), Vol.62(7) : 922-930, 2021-07 
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Artificial tear ; Cataract ; Dry eye disease ; Femtosecond laser ; Hyaluronate
Purpose: The efficacy of using preservative-free 0.15% sodium hyaluronate eyedrops for dry eye disease after femtosecond la ser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) was evaluated.
Methods: This prospective randomized study was conducted on patients with dry eye who were scheduled for FLACS among
those with Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society Dry Eye Workshop II Dry Eye Levels 1 and 2. In total, 37 eyes scheduled for
FLACS were randomized to the treatment group (n = 19) or control group (n = 18). Corneal and conjunctival fluorescein staining
(CFS), tear breakup time (TBUT), Schirmer I test (SIT) value, ocular surface disease index (OSDI), meibomian gland evaluation
result, and lipid layer thickness were evaluated for all patients, preoperatively and at 1 and 3 months postoperatively.
Results: In the treatment group, the OSDI and CFS scores were significantly lower at 3 months postoperatively than at baseline,
but the TBUT and SIT values were significantly increased. In the control group, TBUT was significantly shorter at 3 months post operatively than at baseline, SIT values were significantly decreased at 1 and 3 months postoperatively compared with the base line, and meibum quality was significantly aggravated at 1 month postoperatively compared with the baseline. In the treatment
group, OSDI improved significantly from baseline at 1 and 3 months. TBUT increased significantly in the treatment group at post operative 3 months. Meibomian gland quality showed clinically better results in the treatment group than in the control group at
postoperative 3 months. There were no significant differences in corneal and CFS, lipid layer thickness, and other dry eye dis ease parameters between the treatment and control groups.
Conclusions: Preservative-free 0.15% sodium hyaluronate eyedrops were effective for improving dry eye symptoms and tear
film stability after FLACS.
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