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조루증환자에서 SS-cream 포도에 따른 국소 온도의 변화

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 Penile DITI on Premature Ejaculation with SS-cream 
 신종성  ;  최영득  ;  성도환  ;  초형기 
 Korean Journal of Andrology (대한남성과학회지), Vol.13(2) : 123-127, 1995-05 
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Korean Journal of Andrology(대한남성과학회지)
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Premature ejaculation(PE) is the most common type of ejaculatory dysfunction, and it is found in 30-50% adult male population and there are more than 30% PE patients combined with mild erectile dysfunction.
SS-cream was made for treating PE, which was made with extracts of herb medicine. The main pharmacological action of SS-cream was the local desensitizing effects and SS-cream also has the relaxing effects of the corpus cavernosal smooth muscle. Clinically SS-cream has been effective in the treatment of PE and in some patients, potentiating effect of their erectile capacity was noted. Therefore, in order to investigate the local blood flow changes with SS-cream, we performed the penile DITI(Digital Infrared Thermography Imaging) in patients with PE.
In twenty cases of PE [age; 31-56years(mean 37.3)], penile DITI test were performed before and after the topical application of SS-cream(0.2gm) on glans penis.
The mean temperature in patients with PE measured by DITI was 29.59±1.0℃ on glans penis, 30.4±1.2 penile shaft, 28.8±1.8 scrotum(left), 28.7±1.3 scrotum(right). After applying the SS-cream, the temperature was 30.1±0.9 on glans penis, 30.9±1.0 penile shaft, 28.9±1.1 scrotum(left), 28.8±1.3 scrotum(right). The temperature on glans penis and penile shaft was significantly increased after applying the SS-cream(p<0.001).
With these results, SS-cream has the effect of increasing penile blood flow and so it is helpful to treatment the PE with mild erectile dysfunction.
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