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Ovalbumin and cholera toxin delivery to buccal mucus for immunization using microneedles and comparison of immunological response to transmucosal delivery

 Yu-Jeong Oh  ;  Hye-Ran Cha  ;  Su Jin Hwang  ;  Dae-Sung Kim  ;  Yu-Ji Choi  ;  Yun-Seo Kim  ;  Yu-Ra Shin  ;  Thuy Trang Nguyen  ;  Seong-O Choi  ;  Jae Myun Lee  ;  Jung-Hwan Park 
 DRUG DELIVERY AND TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH, Vol.11(4) : 1390-1400, 2021-08 
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Adjuvant ; Buccal cavity ; Immunization ; Microneedle ; Transmucosal delivery
The oral mucosa is an effective site for vaccination. However, for oral mucosal vaccines, delivery of the right dose of vaccine is not possible due to the water-rich environment. In this study, the buccal mucosa, which is easy to access using a microneedle array in the oral cavity, was selected as the administration site. The immune responses to the use of microneedles to conventional transmucosal delivery were compared. In addition, the adjuvant effect of the addition of cholera toxin (CT) to the drug formulation was observed. Two kinds of patches were prepared: (1) Ovalbumin (OVA) was dip coated only on the tips of microneedles (C-OVA-MN) and (2) OVA was coated on the surface of a flat disk patch substrate without microneedles (C-OVA-D). The drug delivery properties of C-OVA-MN and C-OVA-D were investigated using fluorescent-labeled OVA (OVA/FITC). Each patch was administered to mice twice, 2 weeks apart, and then antibody titers were measured. A microneedle patch can deliver vaccine into the epithelium of the buccal mucosa in a short period of time compared to transmucosal delivery. A microneedle system of C-OVA-MN showed a high serum IgG titer. In addition, CT triggered CD8+ and CD4+ T cell-mediated immune responses. Through this study, we present the possibility of a new method of vaccination to the buccal mucosa using microneedles and CT adjuvant. Illustration of delivery of vaccine to the oral mucosal epithelium using a microneedle patch: Ovalbumin (OVA)-coated microneedle (C-OVA-MN) consists of tip, step, and coating formulation. Microneedle patch coated with OVA formulation is targeting buccal mucosa, which is easy to access in the oral cavity. OVA is delivered to the buccal epithelium precisely using a microneedle patch, and OVA is delivered by transmucosal route using a disk patch.
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