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고려 불교 의학의 한 단면 - 승려의 질병과 치료

 한국중세사연구, Vol.48 : 261-293, 2017 
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disease, cure, healing system, Buddhist seon monasteries(禪院), Regulations of Seon Monastery ; Goryeo ; Buddhist National Priests ; Royal Priests
This paper aims to research what kind of diseases the Buddhist monks had suffered and how they were cured in Buddhist seon monasteries(禪院), using the inscriptions of Buddhist National Priests(國師) and Royal Priests(王 師) in Goryeo Dynasty. From their life stories and achievements in the epitaphs, I found the descriptions of Balbae(發背:the abscess on the back), dysentery(痢疾) and chronic wind disease(風痾, stroke), etc.. I presume musculoskeletal disorders owing to excessive training. It depended on their social status for the cures. For the high Buddhist monks, the medical cares were provided by king, such as national priest and royal priest. For the common monks, there was a healing system and a specific place in the Buddhist seon monastery, where many monks and workers resided. It was called Yeon-su-dang(延壽堂:room for life extension). According to The Regulations of Seon Monastery(禪院淸規), published by Song(宋) China's Buddhist monk Cijue Zongze(慈覺宗賾, 910~1092) in 1103, there were several disciplines for sick monks in seon monastery. When the Buddhist monks got sick, they had to chant to Amitabha(阿彌陀佛), and took medicine out of duties in Yeon-su-dang. There were also some disciplines regarding how to die and how to arrange the funeral for dead Buddhist monk in the Regulations. From the inscriptions of the Buddhist monks in Goryeo, I discovered that the Regulations were strictly observed in seon monasteries for sick monks and funeral procedure.
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