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Microneedle Array Patch (MAP) Consisting of Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid Nanoparticles for Processability and Sustained Release

 Dae-Sung Kim  ;  Jun-Tae Choi  ;  Cheong Bi Kim  ;  Yu-Ra Shin  ;  Pil-Gu Park  ;  Hyemi Kim  ;  Jae Myun Lee  ;  Jung-Hwan Park 
 PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH, Vol.37(3) : 50, 2020-02 
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crosslinked hyaluronic acid ; microneedles ; nanoparticles ; processability ; puncture performance ; sustained release
Aims: Crosslinked hyaluronic acid (X-linked HA) is not suitable for making microneedles because of the low fluidity of X-linked HA hydrogel. Microneedles were fabricated using X-linked HA nanoparticles (X-linked HA-NPs) to utilize the sustained drug delivery capability of X-linked HA-NPs and to obtain the processability advantages of X-linked HA. Method: The puncture performance of a microneedle array patch (MAP) made of crosslinked hyaluronic acid nanoparticles (X-linked HA-NP-MAP) was evaluated by insertion in vitro into porcine skin. After a predetermined attachment time, the remaining height of the X-linked HA-NP-MAP was measured to determine the dissolution rate. X-linked HA-NP-MAP and free HA-MAP containing Rhodamine B isothiocyanate-dextran were administered into the back skin of mice, and the relative fluorescent intensity in the back skin was measured over time. Results: The puncture performance of the X-linked HA-NP-MAP was over 90%. The diameter of redispersed X-linked HA-NPs was same as that of the premolded X-linked HA-NPs. The dissolution rate was not different from that of free HA-MAP. In an in vivo experiment, X-linked HA-NP-MAP was administered into the mouse's back skin successfully and the relative fluorescent intensity of X-linked HA-NP-MAP lasted longer than that of HA-MAP. Conclusion: X-linked HA-NPs provide the biocompatibility, the processability of micromolding, sustained drug release, successful penetration into the skin, and relatively short insertion time for full disintegration of NPs in the skin. X-linked HA-NP-MAP can be used for various applications that require several days of sustained drug release.
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