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개두릅에서 칼로파낙스사포닌의 월별 함량 변화의 추이

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 Monthly Variation of the Kalopanaxsaponin Content in the Leaves of Kalopanax pictus 
 남정환  ;  정현주  ;  최종원  ;  박광균  ;  김원배  ;  이명선  ;  박희준 
 Korean Journal of Pharmacognosy (생약학회지), Vol.37(3) : 184-189, 2006-09 
Journal Title
 Korean Journal of Pharmacognosy (생약학회지) 
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Kalopanx pictus ; Araliaceae ; saponin ; kalopanaxsaponin ; quantitative
find the monthly variation of kalopanaxsaponin contents in the leaves of Kalopanax pictus with thorns (KPT)kalopanaxsaponin fractions were prepared. KPT collected on May showed the lowest saponin content of the KPTs whereasKPT on August exhibited the highest saponin content. From September, the saponin content in the leaves decreased. Thehighest saponin content was shown to be 7.3% in KPN collected on August. Evaluation of six kalopanaxsaponins A, I, J,B, H and K (KPA, KPI, KPJ, KPB, KPH, and KPK) were performed using TLC densitometer. In this measurement, con-siderably higher KPB and KPH, both hederagenin bisdesmosides, were found whereas very low contents in monodes-mosides KPI and KPJ were observed. In conclusion, it was shown that the leaves of KPN of August could be a biomaterialand the content of KPB as the representative compound for kalopanaxsaponins will be used for the quantitative evaluationof the kalopanaxsaponins of K. pictus.Key wordsKalopanx pictus, Araliaceae, saponin, kalopanaxsaponin, quantitative
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