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Vasectomy Nodule들의 병리소견과 항정자항체

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 Antisperm Antibodies and Pathology of Vasectomy Nodules 
 조인래  ;  장옥룡  ;  나군호  ;  이무상 
 Korean Journal of Andrology (대한남성과학회지), Vol.15(2) : 131-138, 1997 
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 Korean Journal of Andrology (대한남성과학회지) 
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It is not known why the antisperm antibodies are not formed in all cases of vasectomy, but nodules are commonly found. We evaluated vasectomy nodules pathologically and found suture granulomas in about half the cases (42/90). Sperm granuloma was seen in 34 cases (38%), and vasitis nodosa was observed in 10 patients (11%). Among the 42 patients with suture granuloma, 15 also had sperm granuloma, and among the 10 patients with vastis dodosa, 6 had sperm granuloma. Sperm granuloma therefore can be a consequence of suture material or vastis nodosa.
We further investigated the 31 patients with vasectomy nodules by pathological evaluation and preoperative antisperm antibody assay. Twelve patients had sperm granuloma (SG), and 19 had nodules was 6.3±2.3 mm in the SG group and 4.6±1.5 mm in the No-SG group, a difference which was statistically significant. The antibody titers of each of the immunoglobulin subtypes in the SG and No-SG groups were, respectively, 81.3±22.2 and 54.4±36.0 for IgG, 29.7±30.4 and 21.7±25.7 for IgA, and 4.8±10.1 and 5.6±8.4 for IgM. The IgG titers were significantly higher (p=0.028) in the SG group than in the No-SG group.
In conclusion, among patients vasectomy nodules, sperm granuloma contributes to the formation of antisperm antibodies, and IgG may be the major subtype.
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