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고려인삼 복용이 토끼 및 흰쥐의 음경해면체 평활근에 미치는 효과

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 Effect of Korean Red Ginseng on Rabbit and Rat Corpus Cavernosal Smooth 
 최영득  ;  마상열  ;  신종성  ;  최형기 
 Journal of Ginseng Research (고려인삼학회지), Vol.21(2) : 98-103, 1997 
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 Journal of Ginseng Research (고려인삼학회지) 
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On the precontracted rabbit cavernosal muscle strips with phenylephrine ($5\ast10^{-6}$ 수식 이미지M), Increasing concentrations of acetylcholine (10-7, 10-6, 10-5, 10-4M) showed relaxation effect dose-dependently in control group ($10^{-7}$ 수식 이미지M : 15.32%, $10^{-6}$ 수식 이미지M : 35.44%, 10-5M : 59.45%, 10-4M : 76.54%). After 3 months administering Korean red ginseng, the relaxation action of acetylcholine was significantly increased ($10^{-7}$ 수식 이미지M : 34.18%, $10^{-6}$ 수식 이미지M : 56.35%, $10^{-5}$ 수식 이미지M : 75.33%, $10^{-4}$ 수식 이미지M : 89.86%). Relaxation effect of Korean red ginseng was significantly increased after 3 months administering Korean red ginseng. Intracavernous pressure response to electrostimulation wan 107.52 cm$H_2O$ 수식 이미지 in control group and significantly increased to 138.34 cm $H_2O$ 수식 이미지 after 3 month administering Korean red ginseng. With these results, we can confirm that long-term administration of Korean red ginseng enhances the erectly capacity and that its action is mediated by endothelium derived relaxing factor and peripheral neurophysiologic enhancement.
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