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소년원생의 비행과 약물남용 실태

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 Juvenile Delinquency and Drug Abuse 
 김소야자  ;  현명선  ;  김명아 
 Korean Journal of Nursing Query (간호학탐구), Vol.6(1) : 82-107, 1997 
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 Korean Journal of Nursing Query (간호학탐구) 
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This study was designed to investigate the situation of drug abuse in delinquent adolecent, and to provide fundamental data about the relationship between drug abuse and delinquent behavior. The subjects for this study were 60 adolescents in Anyang and Daejon Juvenile Reformatories. The data was collected during the period from August 29-30, 1996 using individual interviews. The questionnaire developed by Kim et. al.(1996) to survey adolescent drug behavior was used. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test and x -test with SPSS-WIN program. The results of this study were as follows 1) The education level of 48.2% of the respondents was 7-8 years. 2) Many had a past history of multiple delinquent behaviors : truency(98.2%), run away from home(91.15%), police report of fighting(73.2%), sexual intercourse(71.7%), stealing(63.6%). 3) In everyday life, 61% of respondents felt sadness, 51% felt fear, and 44% experienced loneliness. 4) Approximately 88% of reported their first age of unlawful behavior as 11-12 years old. 5) The family environment of respondents was perceived negatively and mother´ s substance use rate was high. 6) Most respondents had experienced substance abuse, especially, alcohol(94.6%), smoking(9 1. 1 %). bond(92.9%) and gas(75%). 7) The first age of their drug abuse was 13-15 years old. 8) They responded that habitual drug use caused health and law problems. 9) Most of their friend had experienced drug abuse. 10) It was easy to buy drugs except Marijuana and Pilophone. 11) According to gender analysis, there was a statistically higher tolerance of boys toward alcohol and smoking while girls were tolerant of the use of bond and gasoline.
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