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정상 성인 남자에서 직선편광 근적외선의 성상신경절 근방 조사가 피부온도에 미치는 영향: 성상신경절 차단과 비교 연구

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 Effects of Linear Polarized Infrared Light Radiation Near the Stellate Ganglion on Skin Temperature in Healthy Man: Comparing to Stellate Ganglion Block 
 이윤우  ;  이세실  ;  김진호  ;  윤덕미  ;  오경미 
 Journal of the Korean Pain Research Society (통증), Vol.8(1) : 107-111, 1998 
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Journal of the Korean Pain Research Society(통증)
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Linear polarized infrared light ; Stellate ganglion block
Background : We applied a machine that can emit linear polarized infrared light (SL: wave length 600∼1600 nm) near the stellate ganglion in healthy volunteer to investigate the light and/or thermal effects of SL. Methods : After the rest for 20 min. we checked the skin temperature on right cheek and 3rd finger, heart rate and diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Stellate ganglion block was performed with 1% mepivaciane 8 ml on right Chassaignac's tubercle of 6th cervical transverse process in 18 men (SGB group). Set the power to 1200 mW, on - off time = 1 sec - 2 sec, SL was radiated on right stellate ganglion region for 10 min (SLC group). Thereafter we checked above parameter on 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, and 60 min. to study the time course change of them. Results : There was significant increase of skin temperature 5 min. after SGB and performed plateau until 60 min. after SGB. But there was no significant skin temperature change in SLG group. There was no significant change of systolic blood pressure and heart rate in both group. Diastolic blood pressure showed increasing mode in SGB group and there was a significant increase 10 min after SGB contrary to the decreasing mode in SLG group. Conclusions : SL radiation near the stellate ganglion with normal function had not any effects on skin temperature, systolic preassure and heart rate.
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