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단순신낭종의 일회적 및 반복적 경화요법의 치료효과 비교

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 Comparison of Single and Repeated Sclerotherapy Using a Pigtail Catheter for Simple Renal Cyst 
 홍창희  ;  김영식  ;  정병하 
 Korean Journal of Urology (대한비뇨기과학회지), Vol.39(11) : 1083-1086, 1998 
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Purpose: Although simple renal cysts are benign and most of them do not require treatment, intervention is needed when symptom or urinary obstruction appears. Sclerotherapy of renal cyst is usually performed in conjuction with aspiration in simple renal cyst because of the high recurrence rate of 30-70% in aspiration alone. We compared the results of single and repeated percutaneous slcerotherapy in patients with simple renal cyst. Materials and Methods: Sixty three patients with symptomatic or urinary obstruction causing simple renal cysts received ultrasound guided needle aspiration and sclerotherapy between March 1990 to December 1996. 42 patients received sclerotherapy once immediately after aspiration(group I). and 21 patients received sclerotherapy at least twice after indwelling a 6.0 Fr pigtail catheter into the renal cyst(group II). Follow-up with ultrasonography was performed in a 3 month interval for at least 6 months. Disappearance of the renal cyst was considered as complete regression and more than 50% reduction in the diameter of the remaining cyst as partial regression. Results: The mean diameter of the renal cyst in group 1(6.12 cm) and 2(6.75 cm) were not significantly different. Complete and partial regression were 8/42(19.0%), 16/42(38.1%) for group 1 and 15/21(71.4%), 5/21(23.8%) for group 2, respectively. The overall success rate was significantly better in group 2(95.2%) compared to group 1(57.1%)(p<0.001). The pre-operative size of the cyst was not related to recurrence rate (p=0.184). Conclusions: These data suggest that repeated sclerotherapy using a pigtail catheter is better than single session for reducing the recurrence of simple renal cyst.
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