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만성C형 간질환에서의 혈청내 C형 간염바이러스 정량

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 Quantification of Serum Hepatitis C Virus in Patients with Chronic C Viral Liver Disease 
 김영아  ;  김현숙  ;  조동희  ;  한광협 
 Korean Journal of Clinical Pathology (대한임상병리학회지), Vol.18(4) : 603-607, 1998 
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 Korean Journal of Clinical Pathology (대한임상병리학회지) 
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Background :The quantification of hepatitis C virus (HCV) is useful in diagnosis and monitoring of HCV infection. We evaluated clinical usefulness of HCV quantification and two quantification methods using different assay principles. Method :HCV RNA quantities and liver function were measured in patients with different disease severity using bDNA assay (QuantiplexTM, Chiron, USA). HCV RNA loads were quantified at the time of preipost-interferon treatment in some of them using RT-PCR hybridization assay (AMPLICORTM, Roche, USA). These two quantification methods were also compared. Result :HCV RNA loads showed no significant difference according to disease severity (group I, 3.8k5.3 MEqimL; group II, 3.8k7.4 MEqimL; group Ill, 5.91-13.0 MEqimL; P=O.l81) or interferon response (complete responders, 1.5x105/mL; partial or non responders, 2.2 x lO`/mL; P=O.670). But HCV viral loads decreased at 6th month after interferon treatment (P=O.O63) and correlated poorly with liver function tests. The bDNA assay correlated well with the RT-PCR hybridization method (?=0.854). Conclusion :The quantificaion of HCV RNA is useful in following up treatment effect but not in predicting therapeutic failure or assessment of disease severity. HCV RNA quantities are independent of liver function. The bDNA assay showed good correlation with the RT-PCR hybridization method.
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