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마우스, 랫트, 해명에서 집먼지 진드기 추출물의 일반 약리시험과 급성 및 아급성 독성에 관한 연구.

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 Genernal Pharmacological and Acute/Subacute Toxicity Test of House Dust Mite Extract in Mice, Rats, and Guinea pigs 
 노재열  ;  김경환 
 Journal of Toxicology and Public Health, Vol.14(2) : 183-191, 1998 
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 Journal of Toxicology and Public Health 
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It has been reported that 50-70% of child asthma, bronchial asthma in adult, and allergic rhinitis are caused by house dust mite. The antigen extracted from house dust mite has been used for ef­fective treatment against allergic diseases and for clinical test. This house dust mite antigen has been entirely imported from abroad. Howeve;the composition and content of all the antigen imported vary from a brand to other brand. Thus, we need to standardize the composition and content of the antigen by developing it domestically. We proceeded pre-clinically general pharmacological test and toxicological test that are required for the eventual human use by utilizing the house dust mite cultured in Korea. In order to obtain information on general pharmacological tests such as its toxic signs in tissues or organs which are-mainly affected, we examined the effect of house dust mite on the tensions of the isolated tis­sues and heart rates of cardiac muscle by recording with force displacement transducer of polygragh (Glass Model 7). We determined lethality of antigen extracted from house dust mite in mice and guinea pigs. We examined acute and subacute toxicity by administrating house dust mite extract of 500, 100, 20 times of the expected clinical dose. In male and female mice and guinea pigs, given a sigle in­traperitoneal dose of antigen, LDSO values were over 5.0 ml/kg, respectively. In animals administrated with house dust mite, there were no significant change of clinical symptom, body weight, food con­sumption, water consumption, eye examinations, ´urinalysis, blood biochemistry, and histopathological examinations in any animals tested. We found no toxic effect of this house dust mite. These results show that the house dust mite cultured by us could be used in the development of medicine against al­lergic diseases caused by the antigen of house dust mite.
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