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Synergistic Adhesiveness of Fibronectin with PHSRN Peptide in Gelatin Mixture Promotes the Therapeutic Potential of Human ES-Derived MSCs

 Hye-Seon Kim  ;  Sung Hyun Choi  ;  Mi-Lan Kang  ;  Ki-Won Lee  ;  Ki Nam Kim  ;  , Hak-Joon Sung 
 Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, Vol.13(1) : 73-86, 2020-02 
Journal Title
 Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering 
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ES-MSC ; Serum-free expansion ; PHSRN ; Fibronectin Gelatin
Introduction Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are promising candidates for cell therapy owing to their therapeutic effect in various diseases. In general, MSCs grow efficiently in serum-containing culture media, indicating an essential role of adhesion in their mesenchymal lineage-specific propagation. Nevertheless, the use of non-human supplements in culture (xeno-free issue) in addition to the lack of control over unknown factors in the serum hampers the clinical transition of MSCs. Methods In this study, embryonic stem cell derived mesenchymal stem cells (ES-MSCs) were used owing to their scalable production, and they expressed a series of MSC markers same as adipose-derived MSCs. The affinity of the culture matrix was increased by combining fibronectin coating with its adjuvant peptide, gelatin, or both (FNGP) on tissue culture polystyrene to compare the regenerative, therapeutic activities of ES-MSCs with a cell binding plate as a commercial control. Results The FNGP culture plate promoted pivotal therapeutic functions of ES-MSCs as evidenced by their increased stemness as well as anti-inflammatory and proangiogenic effects in vitro. Indeed, after culturing on the FNGP plates, ES-MSCs efficiently rescued the necrotic damages in mouse ischemic hindlimb model. Conclusions This study suggests a potential solution by promoting the surface affinity of culture plates using a mixture of human fibronectin and its adjuvant PHSRN peptide in gelatin. The FNGP plate is expected to serve as an effective alternative for serum-free MSC expansion for bench to clinical transition.
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