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기본간호학 실습에 있어 자가학습을 통한 능숙도 측정 : 배변관장을 중심으로

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 Measurement of competency through self study in basic nursing lab. practice focused on cleansing enema 
 Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing (기본간호학회지), Vol.6(3) : 532-543, 1999 
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 Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing (기본간호학회지) 
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간호학실습 ; 자가학습 ; 배변관장 ; Self-study ; Cleansing enema
This study was conducted to provide the basic data necessary for the improvement of the teaching method for basic nursing practice as well as the effectiveness of the practice by examining the students' competency in cleansing enema after doing the self study instead of the traditional education. To examine the competency in cleansing enema after the self study, this study is an one group pretest-posttest design that subjects did the enema practice through the self study. The subjects were 89 sophomore students at Y University. College of Nursing. In basic nursing lab practice class, cleansing enema self study module was given to the students which was developed by the researcher based on the literature review and asked them to finish doing the pre study and checking the self study evaluation criteria after reading the goal, learning activities and theoretical guideline. After watching the video tape, students practiced the process in the module by themselves. For the competency in cleansing enema. repeated autonomous practices were done during the open lab other than the regular class. Whenever the practice was done, the frequency and time were measure and documented. When the student felt confident through repeated practices, the competency was evaluated by the researcher and two assistants based on the evaluation criteria. And the process was repeated till the student could perform all the items on evaluation criteria completely. The data were collected for 42 days from Oct. 15 to Nov. 26 in 1996. Collected data were analyzed by frequency, percentage, Pearson correlation coefficient and variance analysis. The results are summarized as follows : 1. 43.2% of the students were favorable to nursing and 63.6% like lecture, but 71.6% like practice. So they were more interested in practice than in lecture. 2. 62.3% of the students scored high in written test, 97.8% scored high in practice. So the practice score was better. 3. The frequency of repeated practice to pass the test ranged from 1 to 4 and the average is 2.2. 4. The average time needed in preparation and the performance was nearly the same regardless of the frequency. It took 5 to 38 minutes for those who passed the test after practicing once and the average was 16 minutes. 5 to 60 minutes were taken for those who practiced twice to pass the test and the average was 21 minutes. Those who passed the test after three practices needed 8 to 30 minutes and the average was 15 minutes, which was similar to the time that the students who passed the test for the first trial. Only one student passed the test after 4 practices and it took 10 minutes. 5. 64% of the students agreed that the context and the content of the module were appropriate for the self study and 68.2% were satisfied. And 71.9% said that the module helped them to practice the enema self study 6. Though only 42% of the students were satisfied with the video. 50.6% said that it was helpful for the self study. 7. 52.3% of the students were satisfied with the self study method, and 86.6% obtained self-confidence when performing the enema. 8. The lower the student's practice score was, the more practices were needed for them to pass the test(r=-.213, P<.05). As a result, for performing the enema practice competently, two or more practice opportunities were needed to be given. And it is possible to obtain the less complex nursing skills through the self study, when enough learning resources and assistance such as learning guidance or video tapes are provided. Based on this study. I want to suggest that. 1. There must be college policy that can support the new method instead of the traditional learning method for the students to attain the proficiency in basic nursing skills. 2. The assistant materials should be developed as soon as possible to promote the self study of basic nursing skills.
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