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전신성홍반성루프스 환자에서의 항Heat-Shock Protein 70 (HSP 70) 항체의 임상적 의의

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 Clinical Significance of Anti-HSP 70 Antibody in the Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 
 임종백  ;  김현숙  ;  박규은  ;  이수곤  ;  박용범  ;  한징택 
 Korean Journal of Clinical Pathology (대한임상병리학회지), Vol.19(5) : 548-553, 1999 
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Korean Journal of Clinical Pathology(대한임상병리학회지)
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SLE ; HSP 70 ; Anti-HSP 70 antibody ; ELISA ; Western blot ; Sytemic luspus activity measure (SLAM)
Background :Heat shock proteins (HSPs), or stress proteins, are immunodominant antigens of many microorganisms. In this study, we have detected the anti-HSP 70 antibody and tried to explain the role of the antibody with respect to the pathogenesis of SLE. Furthermore, we have attempted to find out the possibility to link the presence of the autoantibody with the monitoring and diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Method :A total of 80 samples from 55 SLE patients were screened for the presence of anti-HSP 70 antibodies. Simultaneously 59 healthy people were tested as a control group. The anti-HSP 70 antibodies were measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and confirmed by western blot in anti-HSP 70 antibody ELISA positive samples. The activity of disease state was confirmed by the patients’medical record and systemic lupus activity measure (SLAM). Result :The mean optical density (O.D.450) of ELISA in healthy controls and SLE patients were 0.15±0.18 (mean±S.D.) and 0.13±0.14. The correlation of SLAM Score and ELISA O.D. was r2 = 0.19, P = 0.014. And, the mean O.D. value of ELISA was 0.18±0.02 and 0.11±0.01 before and after treatment (P < 0.05). We compared samples with SLAM Score. The O.D. of anti-HSP 70 ELISA in these patients were 0.20±0.02 and 0.08±0.002 before and after treatment respectively (n=10, mean±S.D., P < 0.01). Conclusion :Anti-HSP 70 antibody was not a clinically useful diagnostic marker in SLE patients. However, the titer of anti-HSP 70 antibody can be used for the monitoring of the therapeutic effectiveness in these patients.
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