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하부요로증상과 고혈압의 관계: 유병률 및 증상 분석

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 Relationship between Lower Urinary Tract Symptom and Hypertension: Coprevalence Rate and Symptom Severity 
 홍성준  ;  정현직  ;  나군호  ;  허영숙  ;  정병하  ;  정신호 
 Korean Journal of Urology (대한비뇨기과학회지), Vol.40(6) : 729-733, 1999 
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BPH ; Hypertension ; Lower urinary tract symptom
Purpose: It Is presumed that lower urinary tract symptom(LUTS) and hypertension
are related to th8 age-dependent sympathetic activity. Thus, the attempt to elucidate a
correlation between these two conditions can be important in their management. We
investigated the relationship between LUTS and hypertension.
Materials and Methods: From 1995 to 1997, 1011 men(422 from routine physical
checkup, 288 benign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH) patients, 301 hypertension patients) over
50 years were enrolled. The international prostate symptom score(IPSS) and blood
pressure were recorded in all. 422 men from physical checkup were grouped into 4
categories according to the presence of LUTS(IPSS≥8) or hypertension(systolic≥
140mmHg, diastolic >90mmHg). The prevalence of hypertension, and the degree of
LUTS were evaluated. Statistical analysis was performed with t-test, chi-square test
and Mantel-Haenszel test.
Results: The prevalence of hypertension was not significantly different between the
LUTS(n=177) and non-LUTS groups(n=245)(38.4% vs 35.9%, p=0.600) in men from
physical checkup. There was no difference according to age(p=0.513). The prevalence of
hypertension was 39.6% in the BPH group(N=288) and was not different compared to
the non-LUTS group(n=245) (p=0.385). No significant difference in the prevalence of
LUTS was seen between hypertensives(n=156) and normotensives(n=266)(53.2% vs
48.2%, p=0.447) in the physical checkup group. However, their mean IPSS(8.9±6.5 vs 7.6
±5.6) were significantly different(p=0.030). The mean IPSS between hypertensives(15.21
±4.5) and normotensives(12.75±5.0) from the LUTS group(n=178) were significantly
different(p=0.002). The mean IPSS of the patients with hypertension(n=301, 9.6±5.9) was
significantly higher than normotensive men(n=266, 7.6±5.6) from physical
Conclusions: Hypertension and LUTS including BPH do not correlate prevalence wise,
however, hypertension may affect the degree of IPSS.
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