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Design and Implementation of a New Wireless Carotid Neckband Doppler System with Wearable Ultrasound Sensors: Preliminary Results

 Ilseob Song  ;  Jongmin Yoon  ;  Jinbum Kang  ;  Min Kim  ;  Won Seuk Jang  ;  Na-Young Shin  ;  Yangmo Yoo 
 Applied Sciences, Vol.9(11) : e2202, 2019 
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carotid ultrasonography ; neckband ; wearable ultrasound ; point-of-care
Noninvasive monitoring of blood flow in the carotid artery is important for evaluating not only cerebrovascular but also cardiovascular diseases. In this paper, a wireless neckband ultrasound Doppler system, in which two 2.5-MHz ultrasonic sensors are utilized for acquiring Doppler signals from both carotid arteries, is presented for continuously evaluating blood flow dynamics. In the developed wireless neckband Doppler system, the acquired Doppler signals are quantized by 14-bit analog-to-digital-converters running at 40 MHz, and pre-processing operations (i.e., demodulation and clutter filtering) are performed in an embedded field programmable gate array chip. Then, these data are transferred to an external smartphone (i.e., Galaxy S7, Samsung Electronics Co., Suwon, Korea) via Bluetooth 2.0. Post-processing (i.e., Fourier transform and image processing) is performed using an embedded application processor in the smartphone. The developed carotid neckband Doppler system was evaluated with phantom and in vivo studies. In a phantom study, the neckband Doppler system showed comparable results with a commercial ultrasound machine in terms of peak systolicvelocityandresistiveindex,i.e.,131.49±3.97and0.75±0.02vs. 131.89±2.06and0.74±0.02, respectively. Inaddition,inthein vivostudy,theneckbandDopplersystemsuccessfullydemonstrated its capability to continuously evaluate hemodynamics in both common carotid arteries. These results indicatethatthedevelopedwirelessneckbandDopplersystemcanbeusedforcontinuousmonitoring of blood flow dynamics in the common carotid arteries in point-of-care settings.
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