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신경병증성통증 모델쥐에서 냉자극 유발 통증의 교감신경성 의존도

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 Sympathetic Dependency of Cold-evoked Pain Behavior Seen in Rats with Peripheral Neuropathy 
 최병욱  ;  최윤  ;  곽영섭  ;  남택상  ;  백광세  ;  임중우 
 Korean Journal of Pain (대한통증학회지), Vol.13(2) : 156-163, 2000 
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 Korean Journal of Pain (대한통증학회지) 
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Adrenoceptor ; Causalgia ; Nerve injury ; Neuropathic pain
Background: Peripheral nerve injury sometimes leads to chronic neuropathic pain such as causalgia. A subset of patients with causalgia have a sympathetically maintained pain which is often evoked by cooling stimuli. However, our knowledge on adrenergic receptor types responsible for cold-evoked pain that is sympathetically dependent is lacking. The present study was conducted to investigate subtypes of adrenoceptors involved in mediating cold-evoked pain that developed following peripheral #nerve injury. Methods: Neuropathic surgery was performed by a unilateral ligation of LS and L6 spinal nerves of rats. Behavioral sign of cold-evoked pain was examined for 5 min by measuring cumulative duration of time that the rat lifted its foot off a metal plate held at cold temperature (5℃). Whether cold-evoked pain behavior was affected by antagonists of various subtypes of adrenoceptors, which were administered intraperitoneally before and after the ligation, was investigated. Results: After ligation, duration of foot lifting on the ligated side at cold temperature increased as compared to the pre-operative period. This increase maintained for the entire 40-day test period. Pretreatment with alpha-antagonist phentolamine produced a suppression of cold-evoked pain behavior that was not affected by beta-antagonist propranolol pretreatment. Prazosin, alpha-1 antagonist, suppressed cold-evoked pain behavior when treated either before or after nerve ligation. On the other hand, alpha-2 antagonist yohimbine was without effect on cold-evoked pain behavior whether it was treated before or after the ligation. Conclusions: The results suggest that peripheral nerve injury develops cold-evoked pain that is sympathetically dependent, and that alpha-1 adrenoreceptor plays a critical role for the generation of this type of pain in its initiation as well as maintenance.
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