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녹용추출물에 의한 MC3T3 세포의 분화촉진

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 The Effects of Deer(Cervus nippon) Antler Extracts on Differentiation of MC3T3 Cells 
 유윤정  ;  이현정  ;  임소형  ;  강정화  ;  이은희  ;  옥승호  ;  최봉규  ;  전길자 
 Journal of Korean Academy of Periodontology (대한치주과학회지), Vol.30(4) : 885-893, 2000 
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 Journal of Korean Academy of Periodontology (대한치주과학회지) 
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Deer antler extract ; MC3T3 ; Osteoblast differentiation ; bone regenerative agent
Deer antler has been widely prescribed in Chinese and Korean pharmacology. Although there have been several reports concerning the effects of deer antler, such as anti-aging action, anti-inflammatory activity, antifungal action and regulatory activity of the level of glucose, the effect on bone has not determined yet. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of deer antler on osteoblast differentiation. Hexane extract(CN-H) and chloroform extract(CN-C) were acquired from deer antler (Cervus nippon) and MC3T3-E1 pre-osteoblasts were cultured in the presence or absence of each extract. Osteoblast differentiation was estimated with the formation of mineralized nodules and the mRNA expression of alkaline phosphatase(ALP), osteocalcin(OC) and bone sialoprotein(BSP) which are markers of osteoblast differentiation. Non-treated group did not show mineralized nodule. CN-C or CN-H-treated group showed minerlaized nodules in 16 days. In northern blot analysis, CN-C or CN-H-treated group showed the elevated expression of ALP, BSP and OC in 16 days. These results suggest the possibility to develop deer antler as a bone regenerative agent in periodontal therapy by showing the stimulating activity of deer antler on differentiation of osteoblast.
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