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응급실에서 소아환자의 진정제로서 케타민(Ketamine)의 사용

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 Ketamine Use for Pediatric Sedation in Emergency Room 
 서정필  ;  박준석  ;  황태식  ;  장석준  ;  김승호 
 Journal of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine (대한응급의학회지), Vol.11(3) : 339-344, 2000 
Journal Title
Journal of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine(대한응급의학회지)
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Ketamine ; Pediatric sedation ; Physician's satisfaction
BACKGROUND: Ketamine use in emergency room has been increased. It has rapid onset of action and appropriate duration of action. It does not need endotracheal intubation and produces potent analgesia, sedation, and amnesia. The object of this study is to determine the safety and the degree of physician's satisfaction in relation to ketamine use. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a prospective study using protocol. Pediatric trauma patients who need sedation were given IM ketamine(4mg/kg) and atropine(0.01mg/kg) in a same syringe. Monitoring of patients was done by EM residents and complications of ketamine use were recorded. Physician's satisfaction was also recorded after the procedure. RESULTS: Intramuscular ketamine was administered 54 times, mainly for laceration repair. Physicians completed protocol for 51 of treated children. The median time for onset of sedation was 6.5+/-2.4 min, and duration of action was 32.4+/-10.8 min. Hypersalivation occurred in 9.8%(n=5); random movement 3.9%(n=2), emesis during procedure(n=1), emesis at home(n=1), and transient oxygen desaturation(n=1). All were quickly identified and treated without specific airway management and sequelae. Of 84% of physicians was satisfied with ketamine use for pediatric sedation. CONCLUSION: Intramuscular ketamine can be administered safely and satisfactorily in emergency room to facilitate pediatric procedures in conjunction with a defined protocol and appropriate monitoring.
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