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20232020 한국심폐소생술 가이드라인 이후 관련 근거들에 대한 전문가 의견 Journal of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine(대한응급의학회지)
2024Association between Muscle Mass Index and Neurological Outcomes of Patients with Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Life
2023Embracing multiple stakeholders' perspectives in defining competent simulation facilitators' characteristics and educational behaviours: a qualitative study from Denmark, Korea, and Australia ADVANCES IN SIMULATION
2023Hemolysis Control in the Emergency Department by Interventional Blood Sampling JOURNAL OF PERSONALIZED MEDICINE
2023Role of point-of-care ultrasound in critical care and emergency medicine: update and future perspective CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL EMERGENCY MEDICINE
2024Cutoff of the reverse shock index multiplied by the Glasgow coma scale for predicting in-hospital mortality in adult patients with trauma: a retrospective cohort study BMC EMERGENCY MEDICINE
2023Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on emergency department patient volume and flow: Two countries, two hospitals EMERGENCY MEDICINE AUSTRALASIA
2024The usefulness of lactate/albumin ratio, C-reactive protein/albumin ratio, procalcitonin/albumin ratio, SOFA, and qSOFA in predicting the prognosis of patients with sepsis who presented to emergency departmentsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE
2023Improved patient mortality predictions in emergency departments with deep learning data‑synthesis and ensemble models SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Prognostic accuracy of initial and 24-h maximum SOFA scores of septic shock patients in the emergency department HELIYON
2023Hemodynamic management of septic shock: beyond the Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL EMERGENCY MEDICINE
2023Impact of indemnity private health insurance on emergency department visits and expenditures SIGNA VITAE
2023Predictive indicators for determining red blood cell transfusion strategies in the emergency departmentEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE
2023Modified Cardiovascular Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Score in Sepsis: External Validation in Intensive Care Unit Patients JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2023Effect of multimodal diagnostic approach using deep learning-based automated detection algorithm for active pulmonary tuberculosis SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Development of a machine learning-based clinical decision support system to predict clinical deterioration in patients visiting the emergency department SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Efficiency, limitations, and familiarization of a novel negative pressure aerosol box for intubation: a simulation-based randomized crossover study CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL EMERGENCY MEDICINE
2023Expert opinion on evidence after the 2020 Korean Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Guidelines: a secondary publication CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL EMERGENCY MEDICINE
2023Data integration using information and communication technology for emergency medical services and systems CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL EMERGENCY MEDICINE
2023Family history, socioeconomic factors, comorbidities, health behaviors, and the risk of sudden cardiac arrest SCIENTIFIC REPORTS

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