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성대낭종환자에서의 후두미세수술전후의 음성언어비교

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 Voice Analysis and Videostroboscopic Findings before and after Laryngomicrosurgery of Intracordal Cysts 
 고윤우  ;  배정호  ;  윤현철  ;  정태영  ;  최홍식  ;  김광문 
 Journal of the Korean Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (대한음성언어의학회지), Vol.11(1) : 12-19, 2000 
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Journal of the Korean Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics(대한음성언어의학회지)
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Intracordal cyst ; Videostroboscopy ; Laryngomicrosurgery ; Acoustics ; Aerodynamics
Background and Objectives : Dysphonia may be secondary to many different type of benign vocal cord lesions such as vocal polyp, vocal nodule, Reinke's edema, and intracordal cyst. Diagnosis and treatment of intracordal cysts are more difficult than other benign vocal cord lesions. But postoperative voice analysis of intracordal cyst have rarely been reported in the literature. The purpose of this study is to analyze aerodynamic and acoustic results and videostroboscopic findings before and after laryngomicrosurgery. Materials and Methods : We reviewed the pre and post-operative voice analysis results and videostroboscopic findings of 15 surgically treated patients of intracordal cysts at Severance hospital from Jun. 1997 to Nov. 1999 retrospectively. They were diagnosed with videostroboscopic findings, surgical findings, and pathologic reports. Their pre and post-operative speech were analyzed with MDVP(Multi Dimension Voice Analysis Program) of CSL(Computerized Speech Lab) and Aerophone II. Their pre and post-operative mucosal wave of true vocal cord was analyzed with videostroboscopy. In order to compare this results with normal group, 10 of normal persons were evaluated with same methods. Results : After the operation, mucosal wave of true vocal cord was improved in all patients. Postoperative acoustic and aerodynamic results were improved in almost parameters, but they did not reach the normal value. Conclusions : Videostroboscopy was essential in diagnosing intracordal cysts. By comparing the acoustic and aerodynamic results and video-stroboscopic findings before and after the laryngomicrosurgery, postoperative vocal function was defined more accurately and objectively. Almost parameters may be useful in assessing the quantitative changes in vocal quality before and after the laryngomicrosurgery.
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