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에틸카바메이트 대사산물에 의해 유발된 마우스 피부 종양에 대한 홍삼의 억제효과

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 Inhibitory effects of red ginseng on skin tumor formation induced by ethyl carbamate metabolites 
 박광균  ;  오상환  ;  정원윤 
 Journal of Toxicology and Public Health, Vol.16(1) : 9-16, 2000 
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Journal of Toxicology and Public Health
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Vinyl carbamate ; Vinyl carbamate epoxide ; Red ginseng ; Antimutagenic actiwity ; Anticarcinogenic activity ; DNA adduct
Ginseng (the root of Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer, Araliaceae) has been used for traditional medicine in China, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries. It is most often used as a general tonic, and it involves a wide range of pharmacological actions, such as antiaging, adaptogen-like effect to foreign deleterious infringement, immunoenhancement, antistress, antitumor, and antioxidant actions. Red ginseng showed anticarcinogenic activity against various chemical carcinogens in mouse and cancer-preventive effect of human being as on mice in experimental and epidemiological studies. In the present study, we have found the protective properties of red ginseng against vinyl carbamate (VC) which is the proximate carcinogen of ethyl carbamate and its ultimate carcinogenic epoxides. Red ginseng exhibited dose-dependent inhibition on the mutagenci activities of boty VC in the presence of S9 mix and vinyl carbamate epoxide (VCO) without metabolic activation in Salmonella typhimurium TA1535. Formation of DNA adducts from VCO was also attenuated in the presence of red ginseng. Oral administration of red ginseng prior to the topical application of each of the above carcinogens and TPA treatment resulted in significant reduction in both incidence and multiplicity of skin tumors in mice. These results indicate that red ginseng possesses a strong chemopreventive effect against mouse skin carcinogenesis induced by VC or VCO.
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