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상악 양측 제2대구치의 정출을 동반한 골격성 Ⅲ급 부정교합 환자의 최소 술전 교정을 이용한 악교정 수술 치험례

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 Orthognathic Treatment Using Minimal Surgical Orthodontics in a Patient with Skeletal Class III Malocclusion and Extrusion of Bilateral Maxillary Second Molars 
 안윤수  ;  김진규  ;  정영수  ;  유형석  ;  최성환 
 Clinical Journal of Korean Association of Orthodontists (대한치과교정학회 임상저널), Vol.9(2) : 72-82, 2019 
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 Clinical Journal of Korean Association of Orthodontists (대한치과교정학회 임상저널) 
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Minimal presurgical orthodontics ; Bimaxillary surgery ; Skeletal Class Ⅲ ; Mandibular prognathism
This case report describes a successful orthognathic treatment with minimal presurgical orthodontics and bilateral extraction of maxillary second molars. A 21-year-old man had mandibular prognathism. His maxillary second molars were bilaterally extruded because there were no opposing teeth. After minimal presurgical orthodontic treatment with bilateral extraction of maxillary second molars to prevent immediate premature contact after surgery, we performed Le Fort I and bilateral intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy to correct the patient’s mandibular prognathism. During the postoperative orthodontic treatment, maxillary third molars were aligned to replace the bilaterally extracted maxillary second molars. The total treatment period was 14 months. As a result of these treatments, the patient’s facial appearance was rapidly improved. The minimal presurgical orthodontic treatment can guarantee immediate stable occlusion after surgery and achieve a rapid aesthetic improvement in skeletal Class Ⅲ patients.
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Jung, Young Soo(정영수) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5831-6508
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