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[18F]Aryl fluorides from hypervalent iodine compounds

 Chun, Joong-Hyun  ;  Son, Jeongmin  ;  Park, Jun Young  ;  Yun, Mijin 
 Journal of Radiopharmaceuticals and Molecular Probes (대한방사성의약품학회지), Vol.3(1) : 3-14, 2017 
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Journal of Radiopharmaceuticals and Molecular Probes(대한방사성의약품학회지)
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fluorine-18 ; aromatic fluorination ; hypervalent iodine ; PET ; radiotracer
Nucleophilic aromatic fluorination has been one of the most explored methods in fluorin-18 based radiochemistry. Unlike electrophilic [18F]
fluorination methods, no-carrier-added nucleophilic radiofluorination with cyclotron-produced [18F]
fluoride ion offers better specific radioactivity which is essential aspect to obtain good quality images from positron emission tomography. Contrary to amenable aliphatic radiofluorination, the development of reliable aromatic [18F]
fluorination methods has been pursued by many research groups; however, no viable method has yet been established. Recently, hypervalent iodine compound draws increasing attention as versatile radiolabeling precursor for various [18F]
fluoroarenes, since it bears the capacity to introduce fluorine-18 either on electron-deficient or electron-rich aryl ring with enhanced regiospecificity. Other classes of hypervalent iodine congeners often utilized in radiochemistry are iodylarenes, iodonium ylides, and spirocyclic iodonium ylides. Recently developed spirocyclic iodonium ylides have already been avidly employed to provide various [18F]
aryl fluorides with high labeling efficiency. This metal-free protocol would afford efficient routes, replacing the traditional approaches to [18F]
fluoroarenes, from prosthetic labeling synthons to complex PET radiotracers.
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Yun, Mijin(윤미진) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1712-163X
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