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Issue DateTitleYonsei Author(s)Type
2017Determinant Factors and Estimation for Early Retirement in Korean Workers 이완형thesis
2017A study on the quality of care in psychiatric patients: Focused on the effect of continuity of care 최영thesis
2017Serum uric acid and cardiovascular disease according to metabolic risk factors: the Korean Heart Study 박은정thesis
2017Return-to-work and Job Retention in Workers with Occupational Injuries and Diseases 정인철thesis
2017The effects of Drug Utilization Review system on patient care: Changes in prescription patterns, adverse drug events and related costs 김승주thesis
2017Does improved quality of care affect maternal health outcomes? Focusing on adequate prenatal care, off-hours delivery, access to labor facilities, and severe maternal morbidity 남진영thesis
2017Association between estimated glomerular filtration rate and asymmetric dimethylarginine concentrations among the elderly in a rural community 최혜린thesis
2017Ovarian hormone exposure and risk of hypertension 최한솔thesis
2018내포 관계인 두 모형의 AUC 차이를 검정하는 방법 비교 이호재thesis
2018이분형자료의 분류문제에서 불균형을 다루기 위한 표본 재추출 방법비교 박근우thesis
2018Prediction of relative genomic susceptibility to 20 major cancers : a machine learning approach 김병주thesis
2018Glycosylation patterns of surface proteins in ecology and evolution of influenza H1N1 viruses Kim, Paulthesis
2018Inhibitory effect of microRNA-762 on pyroptotic cell death of mesenchymal stem cell after transplantation in ischemic heart 이창연thesis
2018Mortality and its determinants after hip fracture among the elderly people in Korea: a study of the National Health Insurance Service-Senior Cohort (2002-2013) Kim, Jaeyeunthesis
2018Impact of coinsurance policy change on medical care utilization among mild disease patients Kim, Jin-hyeongthesis
2018Impact of changes in medical aid status on health care utilization 김우림thesis
2018Effect of serum lipid levels on depressive symptoms during adolescence and early adulthood 박지혜thesis
2018Does the type of care setting affect physical function, cognitive function, and behavioral problems among long-term care beneficiaries with dementia? 김주영thesis
2018Changes in cognitive and physical functions among the elderly with mild dementia associated with the introduction of special dementia rating (grade 5) in long-term care insurance 주영준thesis
2018Association between insulin resistance and compartment-specific bone mineral density and strength of femur neck in general Korean population 양재원thesis