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Ischemic colitis during interferon-ribavirin therapy for chronic hepatit...

Su Jung Baik ; Tae Hun Kim ; Kwon Yoo ; Il Hwan Moon ; Min-Sun Cho WORLD JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY, Vol.18(31) : 4233-4236, 2012

Metabolite-selective hyperpolarized (13)C imaging using extended chemica...

Seungwook Yang ; Joonsung Lee ; Eunhae Joe ; Hansol Lee ; Young-Suk Choi ; Ja... MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING, Vol.34(4) : 535-540, 2016

A comparative study of 188Re(V)-meso-DMSA and 188Re(V)-rac-DMSA: prepara...

Jun-Young Park a, b, Tae-Sup Lee c, Tae-Hyun Choi c, Gi-Jeong Cheon c, Chang-... NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, Vol.34(8) : 1029-1036, 2007

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