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1999한 기업체 남자근로자에서 고혈압발생의 결정요인 : 코호트내 환자-대조군 연구Korean Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (대한산업의학회지)
2000LDL-콜레스테롤 수준의 추정된 주유전자(putative major gene)에 관한 연구: 유전자 분리모형(segregation analysis)Korean Journal of Epidemiology (한국역학회지)
2000여성관련개발지수와 모성 및 영아사망률과의 관계 Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration (보건행정학회지)
2000병원 조직의 특성이 언론홍보실적에 미치는 영향 Korean Journal of Hospital Management
2000의료보험청구자료중 뇌혈관질환 상병기호의 정확도에관한 연구 Korean Journal of Preventive Medicine (예방의학회지)
2000초경시기와 아동기 및 청소년기의 신체성장의 변화: 강화연구 Korean Journal of Preventive Medicine (예방의학회지)
2000의료보험 성인병 건강검진율의 결정요인 Korean Journal of Preventive Medicine (예방의학회지)
2000심근경색의 위험인자로서 Thrombomodulin 유전자변이의 의의 Korean Circulation Journal (순환기)
2000The Accuracy of Myocardial Infarction Diagnosis in Medical Insurance Claims Yonsei Medical Journal
2000Effect of dietary patterns on serum homocysteine. Results of a randomized, controlled feeding study.Circulation
2000The Methylentetrahydrofolate reductase gene is associated with increased cardiovascular risk in Japan, but not in other population.Atherosclerosis
2019Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for National Dyslipidemia Screening Program in Korea: Results of Best Case Scenario Analysis Using a Markov Model Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration (보건행정학회지)
2019Evaluation of the South Korean national long-term care insurance-funded cognitive function training programme for older people with mild dementiaAge and Aging
2019The economic burden of cancer attributable to obesity in Korea: A population-based cohort studyEuropean Journal of Cancer Care
2019Cohort Profile: The Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Etiology Research Center Cohort in Korea Yonsei Medical Journal
2019Changes in Income after an Industrial Accident According to Industry and Return-to-Work Status International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
2019The Moderation of Obesity Penalty on Job Market Outcomes by Employment Efforts International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
2019Waist circumference trajectories and risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Korean population: the Korean genome and epidemiology study (KoGES) BMC Public Health
2019Smoking and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk in young men: the Korean Life Course Health Study BMJ Open
2019The Health Burden of Cancer Attributable to Obesity in Korea: A Population-Based Cohort Study. Cancer Research and Treatment

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