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2022Anti-inflammatory properties of butyrate-producing atypical Escherichia coli in a murine colitis model INTESTINAL RESEARCH
2022디지털 헬스케어 보험 관련 최근 법률 개정과 쟁점 : 유전자 차별의 관점에서 Korean Journal of Medicine and Law(한국의료법학회지)
2021The Genetic Discrimination Observatory: confronting novel issues in genetic discrimination TRENDS IN GENETICS
2023보건의료 분야 인공지능 연구자를 위한 연구윤리 지침 개발Korean Journal of Medicine and Law(한국의료법학회지)
2023Prevalence of chigger mites and Orientia tsutsugamushi strains in northern regions of Gangwon-do, Korea PARASITES HOSTS AND DISEASES
2023Novel Histone Deacetylase 6 Inhibitor Confers Anti-inflammatory Effects and Enhances Gut Barrier Function GUT AND LIVER
2023Bifidobacterium breve CBT BR3 is effective at relieving intestinal inflammation by augmenting goblet cell regenerationJOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY
2017Human Long Noncoding RNA Regulation of Stem Cell Potency and Differentiation STEM CELLS INTERNATIONAL
2017Role of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Myocardial InfarctionCURRENT CARDIOLOGY REPORTS
2017State of the art: non-invasive imaging in ischaemic heart diseaseEUROINTERVENTION
2017Effects of Exercise on Insulin, IGF Axis, Adipocytokines, and Inflammatory Markers in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisCANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY BIOMARKERS & PREVENTION
2017Should we perform invasive coronary angiography to all patients with suspected stress cardiomyopathy?INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY
20177-cyclopenty1-5-(4-phenoxypheny1)-7H-pyrrolo[2,3-d] pyrimidin-4-ylamine inhibits the proliferation and migration of vascular smooth muscle cells by suppressing ERK and Akt pathwaysEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY
2017Pharmacokinetic changes of antibiotic, antiviral, antituberculosis and antifungal agents during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in critically ill adult patientsJOURNAL OF CLINICAL PHARMACY AND THERAPEUTICS
2023Decidual lymphatic endothelial cell-derived granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor induces M1 macrophage polarization via the NF-κB pathway in severe pre-eclampsiaAMERICAN JOURNAL OF REPRODUCTIVE IMMUNOLOGY
2023Ethical and legal challenges in nanomedical innovations: a scoping review FRONTIERS IN GENETICS
2017Small molecule-mediated induction of miR-9 suppressed vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and neointima formation after balloon injury ONCOTARGET
2017Synergistic inhibition effect of TNIK inhibitor KY-05009 and receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor dovitinib on IL-6-induced proliferation and Wnt signaling pathway in human multiple myeloma cells ONCOTARGET
2017Effect of a wavy interface on the natural convection of a nanofluid in a cavity with a partially layered porous medium using the ISPH methodNumerical Heat Transfer, Part A: Applications
2017CaMKII Autophosphorylation Is Necessary for Optimal Integration of Ca2+ Signals during LTP Induction, but Not Maintenance NEURON

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