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Comprehensive molecular characterization of gastric adenocarcinoma

Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network NATURE, Vol.513(7517) : 202-209, 2014

New sonographic criteria for recommending fine-needle aspiration biopsy ...

Eun Kyung Kim ; Cheong Soo Park ; Woung Youn Chung ; Ki Keun Oh ; Dong Ik Kim... AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ROENTGENOLOGY, Vol.178(3) : 687-691, 2002

Adjuvant capecitabine plus oxaliplatin for gastric cancer after D2 gastr...

Sung Hoon Noh ; Sook Ryun Park ; Han Kwang Yang ; Hyun Cheol Chung ; Ik Joo C... LANCET ONCOLOGY, Vol.15(12) : 1389-1396, 2014

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